Does the anime studio matter?

Of course, it all depends on your taste. While it’s generally true that Studio don’t matter within the quality of an anime, since with only some exceptions (Kyoto Animation, Shaft, Ufotable) they mostly hire freelancers and outsource, but they generally still have some qualities that tend to define much of their work. I’ll list a number of my favorites and what I feel stand out.

Kyoto Animation: They near exclusively work on grounded Slice of Life dramedies, melodramas, and gag comedies, and are the studio to travel to if you would like a top-tier coming-of-age story. Known for having the foremost consistently gorgeous animation out there, they’re the masters of visual storytelling, conveying everything through the use of visuals rather than dialogue. As an enormous fan of the styles of shows they tend to create, they’re my favorite studio, and I feel that they need yet to create anything truly bad.

Shaft: The shaft is the avant-garde studio, known for his or her very unique visual style and tone. Their work includes a surreal quality to that, and it’s quirky and lovely in a very way I like. They even have a lot of variety, from action thrillers like Madoka Magica to grounded dramas like March Comes in sort of a Lion, to absurdist comedies like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, to Cute Girls Doing Cute Things like Hidamari Sketch, etc. they need a formidable catalog of wonderful works, many of which are among my favorites. For whatever reason, numerous of their shows have multiple seasons, which is unusual.

Madhouse: the overall fan favorite. they do not have the same style or genre preference, but you’ll generally expect a high-quality product from them in whatever style or genre, though they are doing wash-up infrequently. They’ve made too many classics to not love (Death Note, Cardcaptor Sakura, Hunter x Hunter, highschool of the Dead, One Punch Man, etc)

Bones: Mostly known for excellent action shows, they consistently have the simplest fight choreography and animation within the business. At the identical time, they need quite a few excellent romance series moreover, which even have high-quality, expressive animation. If you would like bombastic action shows or romance anime with many movements, they’re the go-to.

A-1 Pictures: referred to as the ultimate mixed bag, they need no distinct style whatsoever and you’ll be able to generally expect anything starting from a masterpiece right down to complete garbage in basically any genre or style. I feel they’re massively overrated, and they’ve created numerous anime series that I am keen on, moreover, some I despise.

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