What is the difference between manga and light novel?


Manga is a type of book where illustrations flow together to create a story with the dialogue of the characters. Manga can be found in a variety of genres, with some depicting comedy and others depicting tragedy. Manga is said to have originated in Japan in the Heian Period (794-1192). Today, it is popular in Japan, with manga shops and even hotels that offer guests a library of manga to read.

Light novels

Light novels are a type of novel that is often shorter and have a lighter, more whimsical tone than other types of novels. The light novel genre originated around 1970, and it was around 1990 when the term “light novel” first appeared. At that time, manga, anime, and video games were considered to be mediums that mixed each other.

The word “light novel” (light novel) is a coined word in Japan that combines the English words “light” and “novel.” In the early 2000s, there was an increase in the popularity of pop culture (commonly called “otaku”). This led to an increase in manga and anime, as well as to more attention being given to light novels.

What is the difference between light novels and other novels, such as mystery novels or romance novels?

The main differences are as follows:

〇 Standard novels
・Many of these books are written in a literary style with sentences that are formal and sometimes difficult to comprehend.
・Most have very few illustrations.
・Many of them have stories with realistic content.

〇 Light novels
・These are written in easy-to-understand sentences. Many are written in a colloquial style.
・They have covers and illustrations that are characterized by anime-style drawings.
・Many of them have stories with fantastical content.

Light novels mainly target teens and people in their 20s, so most of them feature sentences and story development that are easy to grasp and follow. They are also considered an extension of manga and anime, so those who are interested in pop culture will feel more affinity with them. Light novels come in a wide range of types, from single-volume stories with an ending to serialized novels. Make sure to pick up and read one if you get a chance!

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